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We are a consulting focused on development, sales and training about statistical software for Sensory Evaluation.

White-label API

It is a statistical API focused on Sensory Evaluation of mainly Food. Nowadays, this market’s suppliers are polarised into free native academics and complex expensive foreign enterprise software. Thus, White-label API, linked to an easy-to-use GUI, fills up this gap, mainly of layman users.

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Software Development

Since one of Dunedin Software’s partner has been developing software for more than 20 years, our team initially dedicated to White-label API did not waste time to grab external projects. Focused on Oracle technologies such as Java language, Dunedin Software usually faces complex challenging projects.


It is focused on head-hunting/out-sourcing of IT pros, mainly Project Managers. Besides, it offers Remote Project Management in English.


It is a department that not only as supports other departments as it attends clients’ new requirements.


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